About Us

BH Tek Solutions strives to deliver the best possible service for all our client's software development and support needs. We work with our clients to deliver the most cost-effective services to meet business objectives.  

Our primary areas of expertise include: 
  • Turn-Key Software Development 
  • Software Planning and Design Service 
  • Software Development Services (Programming)
  • Software Deployment and Training
  • Project Management Services
  • Software Support for Custom Applications
  • Software Support for Third Party Software Packages
  • Implementation and Training for Third Party Software Packages
BH Tek Solutions is led by the team of Jeremy Racicot and Scott McCarthy.

Jeremy Racicot, President, Co-Founder
Jeremy has been developing software for over twenty years. Prior to BH Tek Solutions, Jeremy worked for DISA Global Solutions, Inc. in a number of capacities over an eighteen year period. He was the Senior Director, Information Technology during the development of the highly successful DISAWorks system. He led a team through the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of this multi-million dollar project to move a historically console based program to a web based N-Tier application to run the company’s drug and alcohol testing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) operations. He was also responsible for the design of four other business lines including background screening, service center (retail), occupational medical tracking, and fleet management services. Jeremy also has a great deal of experience in implementing third party software. Some examples include Cardiff Teleforms (OCR\ICR), xMedius Fax (Fax Server), and FileHold (Document Management). Jeremy also has a great deal of experience in operations management and project management.

Jeremy was born on Whiteman AFB in the Kansas City, MO area. He lived in Middletown, NY, Madison, OH, and Grapevine, TX prior to moving to the Houston area in 1993. Jeremy studied Aerospace Engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington and Computer Science Engineering at Texas Tech University.

Scott McCarthy, Vice-President, Co-Founder 
Scott was born and raised in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He graduated from Lincoln Senior High School in 1986. After spending 4 semesters at the University of South Dakota, he joined the U. S. Army. He was in the military from 1988 through 1991 and was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. The Army brought him to Texas where he remains today. He was assigned to 2nd Armored Division, Tiger Brigade. After participating in Operation Desert Shield and then Desert Storm, Scott decided to leave the military and go back to school. In the late summer of 1991 he moved to Houston Texas to attend the University of Houston. Scott worked full time for Chili’s Bar and Grill while going to school part-time at U of H. In 1994, he was accepted into the Gerald D. Hines School of Architecture. He completed the 5-year Bachelor of Architecture degree in 4 years, graduating from the University of Houston College of Architecture in 1998 with a Bachelor of Architecture. From there, he worked for two large Architectural firms in the Houston area. Kendall-Heaton Architects and Heights Venture Architects. In June of 2001, he partnered with a local Houston developer and began the firm TNRG Designs, L.P. He was President of TNRG Designs until January of 2015. During that 14-year time period, his firm designed and built well over 800 new buildings and over 600 interior lease spaces in the Houston/Dallas/Austin/San Antonio areas of Texas. He worked with many building owners, developers and contractors over all those years. In August of 2008, his partner decided to end the partnership and Scott continued to run TNRG Designs until he started a new firm in January of 2015 called MIII Designs. He wanted his own identity away from the TNRG umbrella. Today, his firm continues to work with all the same developers, contractors and owners that he met through his TNRG years. MIII Designs has designed and built over 120 new buildings and 100 interior lease spaces since it began in early 2015. He currently enjoys hanging out with his wife and son, playing golf when he can and doing a lot of BBQin’ with The DIM Fiefelmann Cookers.

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